World Conscious Yoga Family has two innovative products: a niirguna mantra CD entitled Anando-Ham, and an instructional yoga DVD entitled Moving into Bliss with Yoga. Please visit our CD and DVD pages for details.

Moving into Bliss with Yoga DVD

~ Dedicated to the memory of Marguerite Cleinge-Green ~

World Conscious Yoga Family is pleased to present our first instructional yoga DVD: Moving into Bliss with Yoga!

Join Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva) in this lush Canadian setting for an hour of yoga to the elevating sounds of Indian classical music. This all-levels program has been designed to inspire intermediate students, while nurturing beginners with its special section of assists and modifications. Vishva introduces a balance of techniques with several pranayama (breathing) practices, the sun salutation, and postures in all of the directional movements of the spine, massaging the glands and balancing the chakras from root to crown. He closes the class with a soothing relaxation and meditative breathing.

Regular practice of this balanced yoga program

  • Invigorates the body;
  • Calms the mind, and;
  • Leaves you with a sense of vitality, clarity and peace!

Moving into Bliss with Yoga was brought about with the exceptional production and direction of Marguerite Cleinge-Green in October 2004. The Indian music score was coordinated by Santosh Shail, and the cover photography artfully taken by Ryszard Mrugalski.

The cost of the Video and DVD are $25 Canadian plus tax (13%) and shipping. To order, please contact us by phone at (802) 223-6130 or by email at:

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Anando-Ham CD

World Conscious Yoga Family is pleased to present our first CD: Anando-Ham, Sounds of Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram!

Anando-Ham offers inspiring Yogic affirmations of wellbeing and oneness and is the ideal background music for yoga classes, massage,or therapy sessions, and for home, car or any environment in which you wish to feel calm yet inspired!

Calming at the outset and the finale, and more upbeat in the middle, this album of mantra accompanied by Indian flute and drumming takes you on a journey with fluid transitions and recalled melodies. The mantras have been chosen by Yogrishi Vishvketu as powerful yogic affirmations that can be used also singly in the form of japa to inspire one throughout the day or as a theme in the yoga class setting.

CD includes the following tracks:

  1. Anando-ham (I am bliss) 6:29
  2. Vasudev Kutumbhakam (The world is one family) 9:20
  3. Yogas chitta vriti nirodha (Yoga is the cessation of modifications in consciousness – Yoga Sutras I:ii) 6:38
  4. Om Nam, Sat Nam (The name Om is the name of Truth) 7:21
  5. Suswagatam anandam/prakasham (I welcome bliss/effulgence) 9:20
  6. Hari Om (The Divine is eternal vibrational conscisouness) 8:03
  7. So-Ham (I am That) 5:56
  8. Floating in Bliss 9:16

Anando-Ham was brought about with the exceptional music direction, male vocal and drum by Pankaj Narayan; music arrangement and flute by Vinay Prasanna; recording and female vocals by Prachi Studio, Ghaziabad (India) and artwork by Yanagi Creative.

The cost of the CD is $15 Canadian plus tax (13%) and shipping. Please inquire about our wholesale rates. To order, please contact us by phone at (802) 223-6130 or by email

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