YTT 300 Canada


Akhanda Yoga offers professional Yoga Teacher Training certification programs that meets Yoga Alliance requirements and our students must participate in all aspects of the course and complete all assignments, homework, testing and practicums.

NEW-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-300.png copy300-hour Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training
Modular Sessions in Ontario, Canada



300-hour YTT Modules in Ontario (Canada)

Please note that each module can be taken as Continuing Education in its own right. Participants will receive documentation for each module completed.

Module 1: Hatha-Raja Yoga (56 hours)

This module will include:
• Scientific research into and yogic theory of meditation
• Theory and experience of different meditation styles (from the Yoga Sutras including the last 4 limbs of Ashtanga, the Antar-anga)
• Sequencing a Hatha-Raja class
• Brahmaree pranayama
• The theory of the five pranas
• Practicum in Hatha-Raja Yoga
• Mantras: So-Ham, Asato ma sat gamaya

Module 2: Classical Kundalini Yoga (56 hours)

This module will include:
• Subtle anatomy from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (nadis and bandhas)
• Kundalini theory and safety
• Sequencing a Classical Kundalini class
• Pranayama practices used in the CK class
• Chakra theory, drawing and contemplation
• Chakra meditation and other Tantric meditation experiences
• Practicum in Classical Kundalini Yoga
• Mantras: Bija chakra mantras, Kundalini invocation

Module 3: Transformational Experiences (56 hours)

This module will include:
• History of Yoga through the ages and their practices
• Exploring each age through Transformational Experiences: mantras, meditations, poetry, pairworks and circle time
• Practical sessions on how to bring mantra and toning into your classes
• How to design and execute experiential workshops and retreats
• The mat practice will explore slow, deep, mindful intermediate classes, and hip opening classes.
• Practicum in leading Transformational Experiences which will help you teach holistic workshops and retreats that include yoga on and off the mat
• Mantras: Guru puja, Poornamada, and plenty of Upanishadic and Bhakti mantras

Module 4: Restorative Yoga (56 hours)

This module will include:
• Anatomy and Physiology as it pertains to yoga
• Techniques and sequences for pre- and post-natal classes
• Yoga for scoliosis and back care
• Using props to support release into the postures
• Nurturing the spirit: yoga and community building
• Ethics and boundaries in yoga classes, workshops and residential programs
• Practicum in Restorative Yoga: pre-post natal, yoga for backs etc.
• Mantras: Healing mantra and Loving-kindness mantra

Module 5: Dynamic Practice (56 hours)

This module will include:
• Cleansing kriyas, theory and practice
• Moving into poorna, or full variations of postures
• Dynamic variations of the Sun Salutation
• Sequencing Dynamic Akhanda Yoga classes
• Yoga and Ayurveda: further exploring the relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda, including the 24 tattwas, healing correspondences and vital essences
• Mantras: Shanti pat, sun salutation mantra

NEW PRICE per module: $850 + GST ($42.50)



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Module 1:


To Apply:

The pre-requisite for taking any of the modules is a 200-hour teacher training certificate, or a special dispensation from us to take the course as a dedicated practitioner, not for certification. To apply, please:

Click Here fill the online form, or request an application form from us. Complete the application form clearly indicating the module(s) and date(s) you are applying to take, and mail it along with your 200-hour teacher training certificate and CDN$250 per module international money order or bank draft (personal cheque if in Canada) as a non-refundable deposit to:

World Conscious Yoga Family
c/o Roberta Torrens
111 North Street
Montpelier, VT
05602, USA.

Alternatively, you may send your application and certificate by email attachment to and phone in your Visa number. (647) 348-9099.

• Once your application is received and approved, you will be sent a reading list and assignment.
• Please note that the final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the module, after which point it is non-refundable, as all arrangements will then be made for your stay at the retreat center.

Before the course:
Before the modules, there are assignments and readings that you will need to complete. You will receive the assignment questions and the reading list after re
gistration, so please don’t leave the application process until the last minute. The readings and assignments will ensure that all applicants from various 200-hour programs have the necessary background knowledge to get the most out of the 300-hour course modules. The deadline for submitting these assignments is the same as for payment of the final fees, two weeks prior to the module.