Pre-requisites and Considerations


In order to uphold the integrity of our YTT 200 and YTT 500 programs, we have established pre-requisites to determine a participant’s eligibility for these programs. These pre-requisites help to create a YTT group that is able to work together through this intensive month and share their insights of this path. This journey of personal and professional development that we offer is an experiential one – and one that builds on a practitioner’s previous experience. To be able to guide another in a yoga session requires first that one have been guided, and offered that safe space to explore by another teacher.

The pre-requisite for the YTT 200 is: at least one year of regular weekly yoga study with one or two yoga teachers. We believe that committing to a yoga teacher for a period of time really helps to develop the teaching-learning relationship, and is much different from dropping in once or twice with a teacher and then continuing on in the same way with other teachers. We ask that you list the yoga classes you have attended and with which teachers on the application form. Exceptions may be made for students in very small towns without access to weekly yoga classes, but who travel regularly to larger centres for workshops and classes.

The pre-requisites for the YTT 500 are:

Completion of a Yoga Alliance Registered YTT 200, or equivalent; and,

One year of teaching, yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy and/or meditation (even if it is just teaching one class a week). That said, we may admit a limited number of WCYF graduates who have decided not to teach, but wish to embark on the program for continued study with us.

The YTT 500 is an opportunity for teachers to inquire more about teaching methodology, advanced techniques, specific student-bodies, and philosophical concepts in the yoga tradition. This inquiry comes naturally out of having taught, and realized you wish or need to continue to learn and be a part of professional development forums. We also aim to take your teaching to the next level, by exploring how to design effective and enjoyable workshops and retreats!


Yoga Teacher Training, especially in the retreat/ashram setting can be a transformative experience that brings up issues from the tissues for processing and release. It often prompts noticing of the samskaras, or habitual patters that are in operation in our lives, so that we can move to the processing stage. If you are currently feeling vulnerable emotionally, please seek appropriate support before considering embarking on Yoga Teacher Training.